Mindcaviar (USA)
….”Certainly such a delightful game has its place in the Crown Prince of Denmark’s palatial master bedroom.”
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Voracitybeat (UK)
….”Even before testing the game I knew that I wanted to speak with its creators. Reviewing their website and taking a gander at sample cards and pictures, it was not, I was sure, another lame and cheesy stab at creating a ‘dirty game’ designed for college students who haven’t yet discovered great sex and certainly won’t find it with some tacky sex game.”

World Sex News (UK)
Our verdict:
“We can’t think of a more exciting way to spend the evening…”

Erotic toy tops gift list.
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Cupido (Norway)
Exuding Class.
“…it is fantastic, and we also enjoyed a long and fabulous afterglow. We suddenly remembered what it was like before we had the baby. It was actually really romantic…”

Tidens Kvinder
(women’s magazine, Denmark)
(Tested by Tidens Kvinder)
Erotic Joy of Playing
“Erotic 4 Real is an entertaining game for gamblers, who are fond of sex and who would like to make an effort in their erotic endeavours.

The game is beautifully designed and of an extremely high quality.

The game only focuses on the positive things in a relationship, so there is no reason to “be afraid of” the game. It is perfect for a relaxed night in with your lover, so light the candles, open the champagne and put on your sexy lingerie. Let the games begin…”

Tidens Mand
(men’s magazine, Denmark)
Sex at Stake
“This is a well-thought-out erotic game which can seriously stimulate the relationship.

The game was tested by Tidens Mand and found to be an absolute winner…”

Black Velvet (Opasia, Denmark)
“Erotic game for couples”, you think. “We’ve seen that before – cheap, boring materials, unimaginative questions and ill-considered rules for the game”. But we were very pleasantly surprised, when we were presented with the new erotic game Erotic 4 Real. You will be hard pushed to find anything less deserving of any prejudices you may have.

As soon as you see the game, you know that this is a game of a quality and design much better than the usual standards. There is no cheap cardboard box, no question cards made of cheap, sloppy cardboard and no plastic gaming pieces. Quite the contrary, as the materials are faultless, beautiful and exquisite – as they should be for a game with the main objective of enhancing a naughty and erotic evening…”

“…this is a naughty and exhilarating game for couples of a class rarely (if ever) seen in the shops!”

Ebbe Scheel Krüger, Graduate in Applied Psychology
Enhance Playfulness and Your Relationship!
“…a more entertaining way to intimacy for all of us playful adults – young and old – who love our partner, but also find that our conversations can be a little predictable.

This is the type of gift he should be giving her to signal that he would like to have more fun with her than just going to the movies, out for dinner, having a conversation or watching television.

Or which she can give to him if she finds it difficult to have a good, intimate conversation with him – without any hassle.

Erotic4Real can also provide the opportunity for a deep and meaningful conversation, if you have only just met and therefore would like to explore new ways to undress each other – literally and psychologically.”

“…In short, I warmly recommend Erotic4Real for all couples out there who are still open to the idea that it is always possible to improve life together with the person, you sometimes say you love more than anything else in the world.”