About the game

The game is manufactured in Denmark and made from high-quality materials – and every detail is catered for.
An erotic game should not be “dirty”… but should be comparable to the best lingerie or a romantic, lovely meal at a restaurant! It is up to the players themselves what they want to gain from the game: Naughty and hot sex? Wishing to get to know each others innermost fantasies, desires, thoughts and prejudices? Or both? Erotic 4 Real is all-embracing!

About the Game:
The surface treatment of the box, the board, the cards and the design give the game a “rustic” look… exuding eroticism!3 The design is simple but aesthetically pleasing. Measurements in cm: 27 x 27 x 10 The board is a piece of art in itself, and the design and underlying symbolism alone are worth taking a closer look at. The man and the woman start the game at either “end” of the board to gradually come together as the game progresses – to finally reach the same goal: mutual understanding and solidarity at a sexual and at a relationship level… The man and woman “merge”. Measurements in cm: 50 x 50spilleplade

The game consists of:
120 relationship cards with questions about morality, emotions or lust. The design of the questions is unique: the person drawing a relationship card must try to answer it on behalf of his/her partner in terms of thoughts, emotions and desires – and the partner then determines if the answer was correct. How well do you really know each other? 120 erotic cards with 60 cards for the woman and 60 cards for the man. The division of questions is a new aspect in adult games, but a very natural one… The erotic activities are based on the fact that men and women are different! The erotic cards are “chronological” and become more and more risqué… beginning with kisses and undressing and ending in intricate sexual positions. 10 bonus cards. The winner of the game chooses a bonus card with a task for the partner to perform… at the request of the winner of the game! Finally, the game contains a dice and two gaming pieces designed to match the rest of the game – and there is of course also a set of rules. The gaming pieces are specially designed for the game and are made of brass with a “rustic” look.