“Sex is a beautiful and true symbol of the emotions and intimacy between people, and therefore sex deserves to be treated with great respect and care”.

This was our joint ideology when we started making the sexual and erotic game “Erotic 4 Real”.

We think it is a crying shame that eroticism and sex are often associated with superficial pleasure, poor quality and cheap porn, where the MEN behind this are often no more than unemotional money-grubbers.

This means that eroticism is unfortunately still viewed as taboo and as something “shameful and kinky”, which we cannot speak freely and naturally about.

We want to bring eroticism up to the high standards where it belongs… and we believe that our “Erotic 4 Real” game achieves this – both in terms of contents and in terms of quality and design.

We want to provide ordinary people such as ourselves with the opportunity of experiencing sex at a highly sophisticated level.

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